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Featured Scene: Totally good looking brownets

We all have our favorite boys on the Staxus site, and I guess a lot of us have an “ideal” in mind when we’re looking for something to get off to. I’m pretty lucky because I can get off on watching older dudes, young twink bottoms, muscled tops and hairy daddies… all kinds of guys get my juices flowing. But I have to confess that the inked and toned lad in this video really gets my cock dribbling!

I’m the same when it comes to action too. I can jerk out a cum load watching a hot boy doing the same in a solo video, or I can totally get off on watching a young twink bottom taking a deep dicking from a bareback buddy. One of the hottest things for me is seeing a boy I expect to be the top taking it in the ass.

That’s what I thought when I saw the first pic from this video. I was pretty certain that the gorgeous inked and slightly muscled boy was going to be the one sinking his thick uncut cock into his slim lad, but I was wrong.

I know that lad sticking his dick into his friend is considered a young twink bottom just from the look of him, but he does a great job of sticking his shaft into that handsome stud and fucking his cum out of him! And the ending to this one is really intense too, with that bottom lad taking a thick mess of cum over his mouth and sucking his friends meat clean!

This is one for all the muscled boy lovers out there, fans of thick uncut cocks, cum eating and total dick lust! lol

Twink bareback bottom boy fucks his friend (1)

Twink bareback bottom boy fucks his friend (2)

Twink bareback bottom boy fucks his friend (3)

Twink bareback bottom boy fucks his friend (4)