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Featured Scene: Meaty, uncut shaft

Hey guys, I just had time for one more post for you guys before I have to head out of the door to hook up with my date tonight. I’m really looking forward to it, because he’s not only a really cute and pretty well built guy, but he’s so funny too. He’s got so much energy and he’s so quick with the jokes he’s had me laughing my ass off plenty of times already. I think I have a thing for guys who can make me laugh.

There is nothing funny about these boys bareback fucking in this hardcore shoot on the Staxus site though! It’s deadly serious (okay, maybe not that serious) as Ashton Gates and Ricky Finist start the action and get to some sucking of those meaty dicks.

There’s actually something a little funny about this shoot, because it’s about a photographer and a model getting it on. I’m not gonna suggest that this is anything common in the business we’re in, but lets just say that when there’s chemistry and the cocks are hard and dribbling precum it’s not so unusual for someone behind the scenes to want to get some action with a model ;)

I’ll leave that to your capable imaginations, and give you some pics to enjoy as these boys bareback fuck and spunk some loads out for each other. I hope you have a good night, and hopefully I’ll catch you all back here tomorrow!

Ashton Gates and Ricky Finist Bareback (1)

Ashton Gates and Ricky Finist Bareback (2)

Ashton Gates and Ricky Finist Bareback (3)

Ashton Gates and Ricky Finist Bareback (4)