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Featured Scene: A magnificent overhanging foreskin

We all have our little fetishes, don’t we? I think every guy out there has something he loves to see in porn, and plenty of us have more than just one thing too. For me, I have to say that long foreskin is a real turn on, as is a lot of cum, and plenty of dick sucking and bareback fucking. I think a lot of the members of the Staxus site are the same as me though, because those things are pretty much things that we really focus a lot of the videos on!

One thing I have found over my years of enjoying porn is that the European boys are the ones with a lot of long foreskin going on. There are some great American sites out there, but all those buff jock boys are cut, and that’s not so great for a fan of long foreskin like me.

So, to show you what I mean, I found this great video with William Holder and Tom Nutt (who you would have seen getting fucked by muscle cock in the last post).

Both of these boys have immense uncut cocks, but William Holder’s dick especially is something to behold! The boys dick is so juicy, and the long foreskin hangs over the helmet like a spout just waiting to be sucked and nibbled on. Even when his cock is hard and being sucked and stroked that hood of flesh is still long enough to cover the helmet, and Tom Nutt makes the most of it when he’s servicing the dudes prick and working him up to some ass fucking.

It’s a flip flop fuck in this one too, with both these boys getting their raw inches into the other and fucking their friend hard and deep. But, as always, you’ll want to hold your load in until the end when they give each other a taste of their cream! ;)

Twinks Flip-Flop - William Holder And Tom Nutt (1)

Twinks Flip-Flop - William Holder And Tom Nutt (2)

Twinks Flip-Flop - William Holder And Tom Nutt (3)

Twinks Flip-Flop - William Holder And Tom Nutt (4)