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Photo Session: Dick Casey

I know for a fact that we have a hell of a lot of Dick Casey fans visiting the blog regularly, and this brand new photo session just added to the Staxus site featuring the hunk is certain to get you all hard and horny!

Dick Casey is one of our biggest stars, and for good reason too. The dude is handsome, and he has an awesome body that just looks hotter and hotter every time we see him on set. I can guarantee that whenever he is in front of the cameras someone in the room will ask him if he’s been working out more. And almost always he says yes.

This guy is all about sculpting the perfect body, and I think he’s there already. Every inch of Dick Casey is perfection, and in a shoot like this where he’s oiled up his muscles and his cock is poking out, everyone just wants to get on their knees and worship him!

This shoot was taken on the same day as his duo shoot with new boy Timmy Taylor. We’d asked young Timmy who he would most love to get fucked by, and Dick Casey was at the top of that list!

He’s at the top of all our lists though, right? lol

Dick Casey's Juicy Uncut Cock (1)

Dick Casey's Juicy Uncut Cock (2)

Dick Casey's Juicy Uncut Cock (3)

Dick Casey's Juicy Uncut Cock (4)