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Featured Scene: Tied up in a plastic bag

There are some freaky fetishes out there. You’ve heard of people being into inanimate objects and even wanting to have sex with cars and landmarks, right? Well I guess the kinky action in the Staxus Abused collection is actually pretty mentally stable compared to all of that lol

This is one of those really intense fetish videos with a bit of a story to it, with a poor young twink spitroasted by a couple of nasty gang members who just want to use him to dump their cum loads.

The twink spitroasted in this video is Daniel Emerson, a poor lad who has crossed the wrong gang boss in his underworld dealings. He’s been kidnapped and delivered to a factory on the edge of town where gangster nobodies Alex Grander and Francisco Ruck have instructions to “dispose” of the body.

The only problem is that the lad is still alive when he’s delivered all wrapped up in plastic like a cheap present, and when the guys open it up to see his naked boy they can’t refuse their stiffening cocks.

Maybe the twink spitroasted by those hard uncut cocks thinks he stands a better chance of survival if he just gives in and lets them use him? That’s exactly what they do too, filling his throat and ass with their fuckmeat before giving him their cum loads!

Daniel Emerson Threeway At Staxus (1)

Daniel Emerson Threeway At Staxus (2)

Daniel Emerson Threeway At Staxus (3)

Daniel Emerson Threeway At Staxus (4)