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Featured Scene: Three randy lads camping

What is is about camping that gets guys super horny? I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. And I actually got thinking about that after the last post about military men fucking each other. I know of at least two guys who used to be in the military and say they’d jerked off and sucked cock in their tent with a buddy when they were on training. I think tents are like hotel rooms, they corrupt! lol

So this video from the Staxus site is all about the twink threeway sex as a trio of horny boys share some cock on a camping trip. I know what that’s like, because every year I go camping with a friend or two at least once. It’s usually festivals too, where the cock comes easy lol

Although all the boys in this twink threeway sex shoot are awesome to watch as they service each other and work up those hot cum loads, I think Chris Rosso has to be the luckiest lad. He’s the one getting all that uncut cock in this shoot, and he loves it too.

He’s one of those greedy boys who can’t get enough. After getting fucked by both his friends he takes a cum load over his back, another to the face, and then splashes his jizz right into a friends mouth to finish off the twink threeway sex. It’s hot, and it makes me want to book a camping trip with a few friends of mine too lol

Uncut Cocks Threeway Video (1)

Uncut Cocks Threeway Video (2)

Uncut Cocks Threeway Video (3)

Uncut Cocks Threeway Video (4)

Uncut Cocks Threeway Video (5)