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Featured Scene: Roped, whipped and fucked! HD

I guess I should really point out in this post that all of our new videos are being shot in HD format. I know some might just expect that from a big site like Staxus, but I wanted to mention it just to make sure everyone is completely aware of it! lol

So, we’re approaching the end of a busy week, and there have been some interesting updates this week too. I’ll go over them a little later, but for now I wanted to show you some pics from another one of our horny Staxus Abused videos with the sweet young twink Lloyd Adams being used by the rough and horny military dude Matthias Mann.

I’ll be the first to admit that I get a little greedy sometimes. While I love all kinds of cock on a guy, a thick and pendulous dong like Matthias Mann’s is something to truly savour. Although the young twink is being askd to swallow and gag on that rather immense weapon in this hardcore video, his enjoyment is a little hard to hide when his uncut dick is poking out!

Matthias Mann uses that sexy twink ass like a sex toy, fucking the boy from behind as he’s tied to the basement wall then wanking out his cum over the boy before walking out. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being Lloyd Adams in this duo, but I’d be asking that military dude for his number after! lol

Lloyd Adams fucked by Matthias Mann (1)

Lloyd Adams fucked by Matthias Mann (2)

Lloyd Adams fucked by Matthias Mann (3)

Lloyd Adams fucked by Matthias Mann (4)