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Featured Scene: Killer three-way

Some of the hottest sex I have ever had was in a gay threeway. I guess a lot of guys do it too, right? I mean we all get greedy for some extra cock sometimes, and guys generally like to share ;)

We have a lot of gay threeway action on the Staxus site, but I do have some favorites. This video with a trio of a delicious young guys is one of the ones I find myself going back to quite often. There’s a lot of cock sucking in a video like this, and being such a big fan of the oral action it’s not really so surprising that I get off on seeing it.

Young Spencer has to be the luckiest boy in this gay threeway too. He gets his little butt played with and plundered like his buddies are cave explorers! But he likes it, especially when he’s getting some hard boy dick in there while gobbling on another.

He gets a great reward at the end too as both those boys unload their cum into his mouth and he sucks their wet dicks clean for them. For cum fans like him that’s enough to get his balls churning the jizz out and he erupts his hot cream too!

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