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Featured Scene: Cute, uniformed twinks

There are lots of very noble reasons to join the military, but the only thing that has ever interested me when it comes to all that is the military cock action a lot of guys get in the services. We all know it happens a lot, whether there are rules against that kind of thing or not, and in the Staxus Uniforms collection we try to share some of the hottest military themed action we can think of.

A lot of the hardcore gay military scenes we shoot are actually created from stories we’ve heard about what happens between guys in the army. We know a few guys to ask about all the sex they had when they were army twinks, and this video with Rasty Shut and Robin Few is based on one of those experiences.

Both of these army twinks are so sexy to watch in this video you might cum too early of you don’t slow down and hold back just a little. Trust me on that, it’s one of my favorite scenes and I’ve watched this one a few times now.

The sucking is really intense, with both army twinks tasting each other and helping their comrade to build up a thick load. But it’s the butt fucking that finally gets them there and the shared wanking at the end has them both pumping the cream from their cocks.

Is it on your favorites list already? If not, it will be when you’ve watched it! ;)

Army Twinks Rasty Shut And Robin Few (1)

Army Twinks Rasty Shut And Robin Few (2)

Army Twinks Rasty Shut And Robin Few (3)

Army Twinks Rasty Shut And Robin Few (4)