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Featured Scene: A huge load

This scene in the Staxus Sportladz collection really does something for me. You see I used to date a guy who worked as a sports massage therapist, and he worked with a pretty big local team to get the guys in top condition. Although he was totally into cock, he wasn’t out, because it just wasn’t possible to do that kind of job if you were gay back then.

But that didn’t stop him from telling me about some of the locker room antics and all the footballer cock he used to see!

Although he was very professional about his job, loads of the young guys would get boners when they were on the table getting a rubdown from him. He even got to the point where he knew how to touch some of the guys to make their cock spring to life. A rub on the thigh and the slide up to the scrotum, with just a little nudge of the ball sack, would set so many of the guys off!

He caught so many of them wanking the cum from their footballer cock after he’d given them a massage, and he always told me about it. Especially one of the players who had a 9″ cock that always got rock hard when the guy was on the table! Yeah, I admitted to him that I was totally jealous about his job, but he was jealous about mine too so it’s all cool ;)

This video is like that, a player gets an injury and a good teammate takes him inside to have a look. One thing leads to another and some footballer cock is soon being stroked and sucked, then sliding into a special kind of goal and ending with a great delivery of thick cum too!

Football boys sucking and fucking at Staxus (1)

Football boys sucking and fucking at Staxus (2)

Football boys sucking and fucking at Staxus (3)

Football boys sucking and fucking at Staxus (4)