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Who’s Your Favorite Staxus Boy?

I thought we might do something a little different for this post. You guys know we like to hear what you think, and that’s the whole point of the blog. We want to use the Staxus blog to find out more about you, what gets you hard and horny, and what you might want to see in the future too.

Along with sharing some horny behind the scenes action, bonus material and extra info about the boys in the Staxus family, we want to get some discussions going with you all.

So here’s your chance to tell us what you think about some of the most handsome, sexy and downright horny boys we have on the new Staxus site. Just choose who you think is the most delicious out of the list below, and if you feel like sharing a little more, why not leave a comment too and tell me why you’ve chosen the Staxus boy you’ve selected?

This first poll is all about the newest boys on the site, and we have more for you tomorrow too – so if you have a favorite from way back, stick around for that post!

So come on guys, fess up, which of these new boys has tickled your balls recently? ;)


I’m Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I’m the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what’s coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • Dutch Dude

    I voted for Rudy (surprise!) and Marty (fantastic cumshot). Both of them in one scene would be a wet dream come true ….

    • We will have them together!

      • Dutch Dude


  • JAGarcia

    I voted for the defined, athletic and hot boys, not very slim not too muscled, such as Rudy Valentino, Luke Desmond, Jack Rider, Dick Casey or Marty Love. Of course there are much more models of similar building who fit any clothes or underwear (jeans, shorts, trainers, tight briefs, jockstraps, sport gear…). What I also like of a model is he has the right hair on the right parts, he is NOT too trimmed or shaved. Natural or bit trimmed hair is always good.
    Finally I would like to know why all models appearing in videos are not listed in the MODELS list, now there are 35, but what about the others? A lot of them are missing in the list. This is useful because using the MODELS list you can find all scenes of a model you like or also to rate that person. Another problem is when you find a model you like in a video, the names of actors are also missing in the FEATURING information and you do not know who he is, so it is difficult to find more videos of him.

    • We are still working on the Models section, at the moment it’s not very detailed but we are aiming to have it filled with content and link all the models to their scenes & photo galleries by mid-August or so.

  • spanien

    And Tom Nutt?? Joe Parkes? Jimmy Snyder? John Hill? Jack Blue? Ennio Guardi? Eric Harper? Francisco Ruck? Daniel Wood? Alan Craft? Alex Granger? William Holder? Rick Carter?

    • Haha!

      That’s why I had the “Other” field in there. It would be a very long poll to list all our models (I believe we’ve reached 200 or so during the past 2-3 years :) )

      I’m glad you love so many of them!