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Photo Session: Rudy Valentino

We recently had a great model feature post for Staxus hunk Rudy Valentino, but I thought we needed some more of this gorgeous young man on the blog. We had a great session with a lot of the boys in Germany on our trip, and we had some truly sexy photo shoots to bring back with us along with all the hardcore video action. So here are a selection of shots featuring one of our most popular boys.

Rudy Valentino had a great time on the trip, just like the rest of us. I never actually realized before then how horny this guy is all the time. As I mentioned in the Germany behind the scenes post, we caught this gorgeous hunk stroking his cock plenty of times during our trip, and I almost made it into a game whenever he was missing for more than a few minutes, with the boys heading out to see if they could catch him with his cock in his hand. lol

So Rudy Valentino is one of the most popular guys on the Staxus site, and a lot of the members jump on a video the minute they find out he’s in it. It doesn’t seem to matter what he’s doing or who he’s with, the guys want to see him. Of course, he does a lot in all his videos, and he’s such a natural performer.

Whenever I ask the members what they love the most about Rudy Valentino, I always get so many different answers. A lot of guys love his sultry eyes and the way he gazes into the camera. Plenty of guys love his slightly muscled athletic body. I think it goes without saying that most love his juicy uncut cock and mention that too!

Stay tuned for more of Rudy Valentino in the coming weeks, you’re gonna love what we have in store for you on the site ;)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (1)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (2)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (3)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (4)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (5)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (6)

Rudy Valentino Photo Shoot (7)