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Featured Scene: Straight looking cutie

I don’t know what you guys think, but both these boys look a little bit straight to me. That’s at first sight though, of course, and once those uncut throbbers are out and being sucked and stroked in this video from the Staxus Raw category I think it’s probably clear to all of us that these two hot lads are anything but completely straight! lol

There’s one thing I really love about this video more than everything else – almost – and that’s the gay shower sex. I say that, but they’re not actually in there for very long once they get a good look at their buddy’s stiff uncut shaft and hot tight ass. Making out and groping is all they really have time for in there before they’re heading to the bedroom to really get some uncut dick worship going.

Something else I need to mention about this video is all the cum splashing around. With all that uncut dick worship, the sucking and stroking, it builds up a lot of jizz. Our blond top is the first to bust his nutt, erupting a massive load of hot cream in his friends face. But he’s nowhere near finished, and he reloads in a flash to fuck the boy with his raw meat and then delivers a second blast all over his bottom boys balls!

Then it’s time for our sticky bottom hunk to get the jizz stroked and sucked from his nuts too, with his friend sucking his shaft clean after working it for him.

I know I’ve said that a lot of the Staxus boys seem to cum a lot, but reloading that quick to fuck a dude and squirt again is pretty rare!

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