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Featured Scene: Inked and fucked

I was asked last week how sets and locations are chosen for hardcore porn shoots, and I immediately thought of this video with Bryan Hogan and Damian Talbot in the Staxus Raw category.

This is perhaps one of the most unexpected and unusual locations we have ever had for a shoot, but it was definitely fun!

The answer is of course that it all depends. Sometimes we know someone who has an interesting place where we can film and we’ll work from there, other times we’ll have an idea for a really awesome shoot and go looking for the right setting.

I actually don’t know how we ended up filming in a real dentists surgery, but like I say, it was definitely interesting!

This is one of those raw gay cock shoots that a lot of the members have been enjoying (we can tell lol) and it’s no surprise when you see the action these boys get up to. The assistant – Bryan Hogan – has been spending some time stroking his hard cock instead of doing his job, and when his boss – Damian Talbot – finds him he decides that there’s only one way to punish his subordinate.

He feeds the guy his thick tool before bending him over and jamming his raw gay cock up his ass and fucking the load out of him!

I don’t think that taught him anything, other than to make damn sure he’s caught fapping next time too lol

Damian Talbot Fucks Bryan Hogan (1)

Damian Talbot Fucks Bryan Hogan (2)

Damian Talbot Fucks Bryan Hogan (3)

Damian Talbot Fucks Bryan Hogan (4)

Damian Talbot Fucks Bryan Hogan (5)