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Featured Scene: A whore’s paradise HD

I can guess that a lot of you guys are really enjoying your weekend so far. I am too, but I’m making some time to come in and share some of my favorite scenes with you, because I love spreading the joy! ;)

So this is the latest one I have direct your attention to, and I think all you uniform lovers are especially going to enjoy this. It’s in the Uniforms category on Staxus, and it’s scene 5 from the Raw Anatomy DVD that you can check out in the shops too. I would definitely recommend it for guys who love to see some real big uncut cock action.

Julien Heath is one of those guys who is a total slave to his cock – but then show me a guy who says he isn’t and I’ll show you a liar! lol

The gorgeous uncut European hunk is laying back in the Ambulance and stroking his foreskin covered prick when handsome Alex Stevens arrives to get a ride back to the hospital. All it takes is a look at the dude playing with his hard boner and the guy is back there and sucking it down!

Julien Heath gets plenty of cock too though when he sucks his buddy in return, but he’s wanting more than just a taste and straddles the gurney, sliding down on his uncut European hunk until his dick is all the way in. Riding it to start, he soon finds himself kneeling and taking a ramming from behind before the first hot jet of ball-juice is ready to be delivered.

Julien Heath unloads first, getting the thick load fucked out of him before he tastes his fuck buds cream as it erupts over his waiting mouth!

Yes, I think you understand why this is one of my favorites. Check out the video in the Staxus Uniforms category and add it to your own list too ;)

Alex Stevens Fucks Uncut European Hunk Julian Heath (1)

Alex Stevens Fucks Uncut European Hunk Julian Heath (2)

Alex Stevens Fucks Uncut European Hunk Julian Heath (3)

Alex Stevens Fucks Uncut European Hunk Julian Heath (4)

I’m Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I’m the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what’s coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!